Thank you for your interest in the Reiss Motivation Profile® for Sports.

Weekend Warriors. Adult Amateur Golfers, Marathon Runners, Swimmers, Tennis Players, and Softball Players. The cost for the profile is $175. For this price you get a comprehensive, confidential assessment of your athletic personality, including:

• How to boost your motivation during critical moments of competition and stress;
• Your athletic tendencies under stress, so you can anticipate these and improve;
• Who you are, and what other athletes - opponents and teammates - likely think of you.

You also get a 20-min. telephone conversation with a sports motivation psychologist. The psychologist will answer your questions and provide further clarification of clarify your profile.

The report you receive, which is stated in plain language (no psycho-babble), has information that should prove quite helpful to you.

Youth Athletes (ages 12 - 17): For $145, you receive the RMP assessment of your athletic mental game with a 20-minute telephone consultation. You will participate in the feedback session with a parent and/or a coach.

The telephone consultation provides you with further clarification about your mental game in sports. You also can ask for suggestions for academic motivation at no extra cost. (The RMP assessment is used globally by professional and world-class athletes to improve the mental game, and it also is used in schools to evaluate academic motivation.)

College Student Athletes: For $165, you receive the RMP assessment of your athletic mental game with a 30-minute telephone consultation. You may invite your academic counselor to participate in your feedback session to discuss motivation for academics at no extra cost. We help you with your mental game in your sport. We also can help you maintain athletic eligibility by offering strategies to boost motivation for academics.

Payment: You must pay via PayPal with your Visa or MasterCard. You do not need to have your own PayPal account; you will use ours. The payment is made on PayPal's secure website. PayPal immediately informs IDS that you paid but does not inform IDS what your credit card number is.

Note: To view the PDF results of your Reiss Motivation Profile® for Sports you will need Adobe Reader or another compatible PDF viewer program. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it for free at We recommend that you do this prior to paying for the Reiss Motivation Profile® for Sports. Remember to return to